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Guidelines and INFO

Hello, this group has only one purpose: To HELP new Artist

Here You can ask any questions You have, related to techniques, software, hints or tips about Art and deviantART extra.

This group collects Tutorials and Memes to help You to improve Your Art.

Learn with us!
Feel free to show us Your Art and

Advanced and Professional Artists are very welcome as well. If you would like to help out with the group please apply to the Contributor position. Or to share your tutorials, blog here with helpful hints, or tips and tricks, etc. Please feel free to join as a Contributor. Or just note us and you will get invitation.

To Join the Art community just click on the Join button.
Everyone who applies will be accepted into the group :nod:

IMPORTANT: If you applied for the membership and did not hear from us for three or more days please feel free to note us. deviantART have some troubles with the Groups still ._.

:reading: Guidelines

1 submission per Day are allowed;

:note: Please feel free to Submit here:
• Drawings,
• Paintings,
• Sketches,
• Doodles,
• Walkthroughs,
• WIPs,

Traditional and Digital media is allowed;

:note: You may NOT submit here:
• Photographs,
• Collages,
• Sculptures,
• Photomanipulations,
• Stock images,
• Literature,

Please do not forget what our Group it's about how to Draw and how to Paint mostly.

:note: No limitations for the
• Tutorials
• Brushes
• Memes
• Video Tutorials
and related stuff;

:note: Please note, tutorials about manipulations or something will be rejected.
Please feel free to note us if you doubt.

:note: Please feel free to:
→ Share information and questions.
→ Learn more and share Your Art.
→ Share Your favourite Tutorials, tips and tricks.
→ Feel free to ask any thing You would like to know.
→ Be Involved and be Inspired.
→ Make new Friends.
→ Invite Your old Friends as well.
→ Spread the Word.
→ Read carefully the descriptions in each Gallery folder then submitting.
→ Send us a Note if You have any problem.
→ We here for You :heart:

If you found very useful Tutorial and would like to share it with the community please note us or leave a comment with the link. And we will able to contact the author to show that Tutorial in our gallery and will be helpful for our Members as well.

Submissions from Professional Artists:
Please send us a note so we will able to share your stuff with the new Artists.
Our Contributors may submit their stuff yourself.

:gallery: Folders Descriptions:

→ Featured: Art Tutorials, Hints, Tips and Tricks, empty Meme to fill, etc

→ Members Art: Members Artworks, finished works

→ dA related Tutorials: deviantART related Tutorials, Scripts, etc

→ Challenge: Our Group Challenge artworks

→ Guest Art: Great / Pro Artworks

→ Pose and body parts references: Male and female bodies, poses and body parts references (packs only)

→ WIP-scraps: WIPs, scraps, Walkthroughs, etc

Have any questions??
any Artistic or deviantART related?
feel free to ask us, we here for you :highfive:

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Recent Journal Entries

Hello there,
Please feel free to join our 30 day Challenge. Because of the coming soon Halloween we choose a Monster Challenge :D

Our 1st goal: after 30 days you will have a great habit is to draw every single day.

Our 2nd goal: Improve your drawing skills: the more time you spend on your drawing and the more effort you will apply - the better skills you will get. 

IMPORTANT!! Please read carefuly and follow the Rules. Thanks!

:heart: Rules:

1. Draw every single day. Choose you will draw boy or girl, or both :D

2. Add to your descriptions something like that "This is my entry to @walkthrough-rookie 30 Day Monster Challenge" and add the link to this blog 30 Day Monster Challenge
This way everybody who would like to join our challenge will able to do it :D
:target: Artworks without of the link to this blog in the descriptions will be declined (take a look here to see where you can copy the Link or Thumb

3. Submit your drawings to our WR's Challenges folder. (The folder limitation is 1 deviation per day)

4. Have fun!!

:star: UPD: We realize that not everybody was able to join us on 1st Ocbober, so we will holds the challenge till 10th November.

31th Ocbober 13th November
a) everybody who was with us for all these 30 days,
b) followed the Rules, and have all their artworks submitted to our Challenge foder
will be featured in our blog :w00t:

Day 1: Favorite Monster
Day 2: Fear into Fantasy
Day 3: Satyr
Day 4: Human + x = Taur
Day 5: Vampire

Day 6: Winged Creature
Day 7: Ghost / Phantom
Day 8: Myth of your Heritage
Day 9: Object-Headed
Day 10: Of African Myth

Day 11: Of Middle-Eastern Myth
Day 12: Aquastic Monster
Day 13: Of Western European Myth
Day 14: Genderflipped Female Monster (for boys) / Genderflipped Male Monster (for girls)
Day 15: Werewolf

Day 16: Of Asian Myth
Day 17: Of Oceanic Myth
Day 18: Of Urban Legend
Day 19: Slime
Day 20: Of North American Myth

Day 21: Of Eastern European Myth
Day 22: Odd Couple
Day 23: Naga
Day 24: Of South American Myth
Day 25: Fairy Tale Based

Day 26: Young Monster
Day 27: Dragon Boy
Day 28: Sci-Fi
Day 29: Tentacles
Day 30: Zombie

Day 31: A Congrats Banner For Finishing The Challenge (optionaly)

If you have any questions or troubles please leave a comment or send us a note :wave:
Anyone who has been an internet user for a period of time should know that drama is one of the hallmarks of the absolutely wonderful technology that allows us to be connected 24/7. It's like glitter, one moment all you see is just a fleck of it then suddenly, it's everywhere. DeviantArt is chock full of massive amounts of it (drama, not glitter!) at any given time, so let's talk about what you need to know to avoid it (aaaand what to do if you find yourself in it)!

:bulletred: I just caused the argument because... I wanted to get more pageviews, I wanted to be popular, for the lulz, I was bored


Girl, bye.

:bulletred: I ALWAYS have to reply

If you think the interwebs is the only place you'll find people you don't agree with, I think it's time you spent a little more time away from your computer. First off, let me say that there's nothing inherently wrong about disagreeing with someone. Nothing at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if that opinion is not popular or similar to yours. So for the purposes of example (since we are visual people) here's a hypothetical comment thread:
  • Commenter: No offense, but I think this artwork sucks.
Now, let's assume that you like the artwork, or even worse, it's yours. What would be the proper response?
  • #1. I've looked at your gallery, and you can't do any better so ha! Your artwork sucks!one111!!!
  • #2. Why don't you like it?
  • #3. Nothing. You hit the red 'x' and ignored the comment entirely. 
It will be extremely tempting, but responding with #1 is not the way to go. Mainly because you would be inciting a fight, and starting dArama. If you select #2, proceed cautiously. Though initially harmless, it could lead to issues you weren't prepared to deal with, especially if the artwork was not yours. Let me quickly segue into the subject of white-knights for a moment. I've seen some things written recently about white-knights, and why they are harmful, and I think it's worth clearing up the apparent confusion as to exactly what they even are. 

A white-knight is not someone who defends another person regardless of what the argument or issue is. If you even knew your internet history at all you'd know a white-knight is a (scummy) boy standing up for a girl online he has feelings for with the hopes of "favors" in return. How it has mutated to what people now think of it as an annoying 13 year old Belieber (or that 'leave Britney alone' guy) is far beyond me. A white-knight is not a troll, or any of the above. In fact this person can actually bring a little bit of clarity and common sense to a troll off. It's not pointing out facts or even blind defense. Anyone who blindly defends something (or someone) is an idiot, not a white-knight. Please stop confusing them :XD:
Let's review. THIS...
NOT THIS. Got it?
Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's discuss option #3, non-engagement. Option #3 is your honest to goodness, foolproof way to avoid getting into what might become a mucky situation. Some comments truly aren't worth you replying to, so don't give them your time or effort honey!
You are not required to reply to any comment that you do not want to. Plain and simple. 

:bulletred: This person is WRONG and I can PROVE it!

Congratulations, you have logically indisputable, irrefutable facts about a subject either from personal knowledge, actual study, or a quick Google search. Is it truly necessary to go out of your way to prove it to others? I'll save you some time: no. The reason why? It's quite simple, changing what people believe is harder than trying to wash a cat. I'm not saying bringing a little knowledge into a conversation isn't important, of course it is! But this is about who to even bother imparting that knowledge onto. Let's go back to the previous hypothetical comment thread and let's say you decided to go with #2 as an initial response:

Commenter: It sucks because anime sucks! The anatomy is all wrong, just look at how huge that head is! Weeaboos are lame! You're one of them aren't you?

Well that wasn't very nice! Let's see what your response options are: 
  • #1. Is that so? Your artwork looks like trash! How dare you assume things about me?!
  • #2. Actually, it's called stylization. Western cartoons are stylized too, just in different ways.
  • #3. Nothing. You hit the red 'x' and ignored the comment entirely. 
Soooo, #1 is a definite no-no. You've just come down to their level and lost a little dignity while you were at it :no:
#2 is good, you presented fact. If you go with #2, don't leave it open ended. A statement of fact (in a condescending manner) can often shut down an unkind commenter. Never use insults of intelligence or name calling, it totally cancels out whatever you said beforehand. 
#3 Once again, will free you from any further issues with that person in that comment thread. 
Don't feed the trolls guys, really.

:bulletred:What if I'm being harassed?

Just imagine this is on the other side of the screen
Regardless of your views on 'cyber-bullying's' legitimacy, harassment via the internet is 100% real. Because of the anonymity of the internet crowd mentality can come into effect swiftly and with little warning. There are several actions that you should take, and the first one is blocking.Don't know how you say? How to Block Someone on DA by wondermanrules
There's a false notion going around that blocking someone means that you are somehow inferior at arguing, 'butthurt,' or you want to get the last word in. No, no, and no. There's also an incorrect notion that blocking is the Help Desk's lazy way of avoiding doing their jobs. Again, no. Blocking someone from interacting with you is a prime way to avoid dArama, never be too intimidated to use the feature. How do I know it works? Well, at one point I was being harassed by not just one person, but a group of people plus whoever decided to jump on their demented bandwagon. I had to block nearly one hundred deviants at one point. Very time consuming, but entirely worth it. 

The second thing you can do if you are being harassed is to hide comments. Again, this is not some snarky method of communication, rather a way to stop the spinning wheel that is dArama. Don't know how to hide comments you say?
How To Hide Comments by Sparky-the-Scraggy
Both methods of blocking can easily end any amount of harassment you are receiving. Most unfavorable interactions can be remedied with those steps, however things can get spectacularly nasty at times and that is when you need to contact the Help Desk. 

Before I walk you through that step, let's go over what you can and cannot submit to the Help Desk as an Abuse Report:
  • Do: Report excessive amounts of racial, ethnic, homophobic, bigoted slurs, personal threats, & extreme language.
  • Do: Report someone who has made alternate accounts, or is having a friend continue harassment on their behalf. 
  • Do: Report account hacking or evidenced spying.
  • Do: Report forum threads that are not following the rules.
  • Do Not: Report someone after a simple disagreement.
  • Do Not: Report someone for stealing someone else's artwork (there is a separate method for that).
  • Do not: Report someone for calling you stupid, or any other childish name that could be remedied by blocking. 
  • Do not: Submit screenshots as evidence, they cannot and will not be considered in your case. 
Consult the following FAQs for info on what is considered 'abusive' language and behavior:   
So, let's say things are very bad. The person harassing you is using extreme language, has threatened you and has sent other people after you (or is making alternate accounts to continue harassment). This is a case to submit as an Abuse Report. When you submit your report you need to have the following things:
  1. The username of person you are reporting.
  2. Links to comments that support your allegations. No need to 'unhide' them, moderators will still be able to see the conversation. 
  3. A concise outline of the complaint.
  4. Block all parties involved.
  5. Be patient. It may take the Help Desk time to get to your complaint depending on the seriousness of the situation.
From what I've viewed around dA, the general consensus about "art school" is that it's an enormous waste of both time and money. Stories about pretentious professors, failed experiments, and unsupportive families get a lot of attention. I think there are aspiring artists out there who enter art schools with the idea that everything they learn will be intuitive and that there is no real need to understand much less study the very basics because that would make them "mindless sheep." Others don't receive enough support from friends or family and cannot complete their education. There's validity to both arguments, and I've dealt with both. If there's one thing that I want you to take away from this blog, it is this: you can do whatever you want, as long as you're willing to fight hard for it. 

Inb4 "telling kids they can be whatever they want is a filthy lieeeee" 

College is hard but totally worth it if you know what you want. It really doesn't matter what you study, you will be challenged and art is no exception.You can really be whatever you want as long as you're willing to really work for it. NOTE: this does not mean you have to go to college, but be reasonable. Understand the career field you're interested in. It's not reasonable to shoot off an application to Disney if you know nothing about the inner workings of its industry outside of drawings of characters with big heads and eyes. You don't need a degree in art to be a successful artist, buuuut, since this blog is about college I'll be talking exclusively about that choice. Now, please don't assume I'm sitting here writing this from a cushy upper middle class perspective.

#LOL, #BRB, need my #morning#Starbucks#Frappe#YOLO

Because I'm not. I grew up in a very poor household, and by poor I don't mean living paycheck to paycheck, I mean the fridge was empty a lot and I've lived without utilities and other basic necessities (take that as literally as you'd like). So, I totally get the struggle, it's real and sometimes scary. Far be it from me to tell you that this is an easy thing.

I've earned one degree in art, I'm on my way to my Master's, and I'm getting started on my professional career. It's been hard, but it's been fun, I've met amazing people, fabulous artists, and it's been completely worth it. If you're starting college this fall and you're considering a degree in art, here are some things I've encountered during art school that you should consider. Let's get down to business shall we? 

Be ready to have your ideas and artwork challenged. 

Critique is essential to growing as an artist and in art school you will learn the difference between good and bad critiques. Allow me to elucidate: telling someone that their anatomy is "off," is equally as unhelpful as saying "this sucks." That's not to say either won't happen in art school, because they probably will. Learning to "take" a critique aka "getting a thicker skin" will come with you learning how to intelligently defend your work. Defending your work doesn't mean asking for head pats, it means that what you are trying to say visually is well understood by you and you can speak about it. One thing you definitely need to know is that on the undergraduate level, the majority of your early critiques will deal with the bare bones of your artwork (aka whether or not you are correctly rendering objects etcetera) and not conceptual ideas. Once you upgrade your skills and begin working on projects with themes and ideas, expect to be questioned. Everything you put in your work matters whether you consider that or not. Expect to have disagreements about your concepts, everyone is going to have an opinion. You should also expect some Negative Nancy's. 
Funny thing is, you probably won't see those guys on graduation day.

If you don't already live in your studio, start packing.

I took up throwing my last semester of undergrad. The element of process is long in ceramics, and it requires just as many mistakes and flukes to get “good at it” and find a form that works. However, throwing the form is only half the battle, because the glaze you choose may or may not turn out the color you want it to because of heat fluctuations in the kiln. The final project was to create and design a dinner set for at least four people. I chose to create a set for my family of six. The set contained 18 pieces, each setting had a bowl, a tumbler, and a plate. In order to get a uniform height for the tumblers, I threw fourteen. I threw twelve plates and picked the six best for the project. I was fortunate with the bowls however, and only threw eight. Had I only chosen the first thing I made, the end result would have been disastrous. The process was required to reach a point at which the craftsmanship of the work was satisfactory. Endless hours of making are part of art school. For me, it got to the point where I was going into my studio to paint during breaks in between classes. Then, of course, in addition to that I would paint at home into the wee hours of the night. 
Then there's always that one guy who just cranks out art in his sleep.

Get the chip off your shoulder. You DO NOT know everything.

I'd be lying if I told you that there are no assholes in higher education, and once again, art professors are no exception. My first painting professor had a serious attitude problem and that class alone almost put me off painting altogether. Another painting professor who was my "faculty mentor" didn't even bother to show up to my senior exhibition (that was a requirement on her part by the way). However, I didn't go into college expecting that anyone owed me anything. Yeah, yeah, we can argue "but we're paying their salaries," yet at the end of the day we're the ones earning the degree. Learning to deal with difficult people is part of being an adult. Starting off with a negative attitude is never good idea, but neither is developing one (although the latter will be very tempting at times).
I enjoy drawing/painting still lifes about as much as I enjoy hay-fever but I endured them because I needed to learn how to correctly capture light and shadow among a long list of other skills. Talent is cool, but there's always room for growth, knowledge, and new skills. I don't get the mistrust of actually learning the basics of art. The principles of design weren't cataloged just to piss you off or turn artists into mindless drones. Yes, art is expressive and personal, but you have to actually have a grasp of what you are doingI always found it somewhat comical to see students in my art courses complain that they "didn't need to understand _____." Why you ask? Well for one, they signed up for the course voluntarily. And that not the reason you're a student in the first place? I had one guy try to explain to me why he "didn't need" the basic drawing course we were in even though he wanted to be a professional comic artist.
Witnessing migraine inducing irony is also part of being an adult...except it happens a lot. Ok, all the time. 

Decide where you want to study. 

I didn't have much of a choice when time came for me to choose schools because A. my family was terrifyingly poor and B. I was homeschooled. Small caveat, colleges like to be assholes to incoming freshmen who were homeschooled, some even require them to take the GED (which is hilarious because the board of education in whatever state you live in is the decider of whether or not you've met your education requirements, thus taking a GED at that point would be infuriatingly redundant...I graduated from highschool as a homeschooled student with a 3.6). Anyways, I digress. I only sent off apps to the University of Akron and Kent State and got into both. Unfortunately at the time Kent required homeschooled students to live on campus for a year (not sure what purpose that would serve) so I went to Akron and got my BFA at the Myers School of Art there. There is a wonderful museum in Akron but the "art scene" is well, droopy. I knew when I graduated if I was going to make When I decided to pursue an MFA, I picked the Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. The school is wonderful, and the art scene is jumping with life (not to mention there are lot of opportunities up here). The amount of opportunities you will have in the beginning of your career as an artist have a lot to do with where you go to school. For example, my hometown isn't a great place to start out even though it's a mere 40 minutes outside of Cleveland. Proximity to where your family/next of kin/family-like friends are is also something to consider. 

If you haven't seen this movie you are officially not cool enough to hang out with me. (ok I'm joking, but srsly mang you should)

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